Paul Steward (US)

Paul Steward is an award-winning American singer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from the San Francisco Bay Area who plays R&B, Blues, Rock, and Pop. Known for many years as the bandleader of Twice As Good, Paul has toured the USA performing the Blues with his father and representing his Native American tribal heritage. He has been regularly performing in Japan since 2022 with a goal to establish himself as an internationally recognized blues artist.

サンフランシスコベイエリア発の、受賞歴も持つ歌手・ギタリスト・マルチインストゥルメンタリスト・プロデューサーであるポールスチュワードは、R&B、ブルース、ロックやポップを演奏する。”Twice As Good”というバンドのリーダーを長年務めることで知られるポールは、父と共に、自身のネイティブアメリカン部族としてのアイデンティティを伝えるようなブルースのライブを全国各地で行ってきた。

  • Mayu Wakisaka (Tokyo)

    An international award winning singer-songwriter whose songs have been featured on a TV show in Singapore as well as on Sony's "Walkman" as pre-loaded songs. A native of Osaka, she quit law school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music career.
    Her style is a warm mix of folk, pop and jazz with unique and elegant English lyrics. She has won an International Acoustic Music Award (Open Category) and also was a finalist in the "UK songwriting contest," the "Australian Songwriting Contest" and the "Great American Song Contest." In 2014, she debuted at SXSW in the US, the Great Escape in the UK, Japan-Korea Festival and at Genki J-Pop in Singapore. She also writes for K-pop's major acts such as Miss A and TWICE.

    大阪生まれ。大学在学中にYAMAHA主催ボーカルクイーンコンテスト優勝。LAへ留学後、International Acoustic Music Award での1位や、UK Songwriting Contest、Great American Song Contest、Australian Songwriting Contestでは決勝進出やTop5 進出を獲得し、海外からの評価も高い。
    2014年はテキサスSXSWへの出演のほか、イギリス、フィンランド等のヨーロッパ・フェス出演、韓国、シンガポールでのリリース、公演も成功に終わり、2015年には作曲家としてMiss A Twiceといった韓国の人グループに楽曲を提供。