Live Scene

Live Venues

For many indie musicians in Japan, playing live is like a hobby that they do aside from a regular job. They often play at live clubs, called "live houses," jazz clubs, cafes and outdoor event spaces.

"Live houses" are basically music halls or rock clubs, which for the most part, have proficient sound & lighting staff and full backline equipment that is well maintained.
Jazz clubs commonly serve food & drinks in addition to live performances. Backline equipment is commonly provided at no charge, but all musicians are expected to pay for their own food and drinks.

Live Performances

Performances at live houses are commonly set up with artists at the same levels performing together. With some exceptions, most of the time bands either play by themselves ("one man live" in Japanese) or several play on one bill.
That could mean 4 to 7 acts, or more playing for 30 min. each.

Jazz clubs and restaurants however, usually have just 1 act on per night playing two 30 - 45 min. sets.

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