Tour Management Online Course

Become a Tour Manager!

The Osaka, Kansai Expo 2025 is coming up, and Shalestone Music is getting ready for it by training staff who want to help visitors from around the world. Here's what you can get:
* Several opportunities to talk with people in other countries
* Learn key points to start working as a tour manager
* Expand your own knowledge of Japanese culture
* Help visitors while they are in Japan
* Recognize and understand cultural differences
* Improve your negotiation & quick thinking skills

This is an online course centered around live music that will be held for 16-weeks, with 1 class each week. Participants will be expected to attend each class and also do basic homework assignments.

After successfully completing this course, participants can become hired staff and work for Shalestone Music as tour managers for clients that come to Japan for tours and performances.

Schedule & Outline

All sessions will be held using Zoom, with about half of them also being done in person at CFlat Cafe in Osaka. The content will consist of discussions, sharing pictures/images online, real conversations with clients living in other countries, as well as Q&A.
For the mid-term test and final review, participants will give explanations of the course content to clients in other countries.

Sessions 1-8 (1st half)

Session 1
Meeting the client at airport, currency exchange
*Session 2
4/10 (Sun) 14:00-15:30

Explain about public transportation to client
Session 3
Hotel check in and where to buy things
Session 4
Explaining how to get from the hotel to the venue
*Session 5
Helping the client: setting up and interpreting
*Session 6
Going to a restaurant with the client
Session 7
Course Review
*Session 8
Mid-term test

Sessions 9-16 (2nd half)

Session 9
Dealing with problems & emergencies
Session 10
Communication between tour manager and client
*Session 11
Small talk and live performance details
Session 12
During & after the performance
*Session 13
Japanese culture and cultural norms
Session 14
Client satisfaction
*Session 15
Course Review
Session 16
Final test

[*] Indicates times when special guest clients in other countries will be joining the session.

Instructor - Duane Levi

With a background in Industrial Psychology, Duane has spent the last 18 years managing and executing training programs for many international and global companies in Japan.
As the Founder and Chief Director of Shalestone Music, he has booked and managed thousands of performances and tours for musicians, both Japanese and non-Japanese, over the past 30 years.
He has also written a book "Performing in Japan" (2014), for musicians living overseas that are interested in coming to Japan to perform.

He Knows She Knows (UK)

Beselch (Spain)

Mah-Ze-Tar (India)

Masahiro Sayama (Tokyo)

Tikahiri (Tahiti)

Comments from past participants

想像以上にインテンシブで濃い内容でした。宿題やテストなど緊張することもありましたが、実際にアーティストと話せたり、知識と一緒に英語力もアップしたと思います。" - 受講者

"I learned a lot because he taught from his experiences. I was able to improve my own knowledge, while also reflecting on my experience living abroad. I became more aware of cultural exchange, not just music. This course is good for those who want participatory lessons as well as listening. The content was more intense and deeper than I had imagined. I was nervous about the homework and tests, but I think because I was able to actually talk to the artists, I could improve my English as well as my knowledge." - Participant

トピックごとに、「Any questions?」と質疑応答の時間も取ってくださり、どんな小さな質問にも丁寧に答えてくださりありがたかったです。" - 受講者

"As it is difficult to travel abroad and get together with people due to the Covid-19, this was a very fulfilling time for me to brush up my English and deepen my understanding of different cultures through the friendly and easy-to-understand sessions with the instructor. I was grateful for him to take the time to ask 'Any questions?' for each topic, and to answer my questions politely, no matter how small they may have seemed." - Participant


Sessions 1-16 @ ¥50,000

Sessions 1 - 8 only @ ¥26,000

Sessions 9 -16 only @ ¥26,000

Single Session @ ¥4,000 each

(Free 30 min. consultation by request)

*Barring any serious problems, accidents or other unforeseen circumstances, once paid, the above fees are non-refundable.


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