AINAKANNA is a 2-piece (piano&drums) Female Rock Group playing a mix of pop rock: J-Pop and western rock.
In 2019, they released their first album “Shinonome Prelude,” and toured all over Japan. They released a second album “TRANSIT HAKKEI.” (2020), and also performed at Kansai Music Conference in 2020 and 2021 to build an international fanbase. Their 3rd CD “Akatsuki” was released in 2022 and they did their first overseas tour in the UK in 2023.

2019年8月 1st Album「東雲プレリュード」を発売。日本全国ツアーを敢行。そして、2nd Album「TRANSIT HAKKEI」を2020年9月にリリース。 国際的なアピールを高まるため、「第11回と第12回関西ミュージックカンファレンス」にも参加。
2022年に3rd Album「暁」をリリース。

  • Davina Robinson (Osaka)

    Davina Robinson is an American singer-songwriter based in Osaka, Japan. She has become known locally for her powerful, bluesy voice and energetic live performances. She released her first full-length album, Black Rock Warrior Queen in November 2011 and has since continued to generate buzz taking her music and brand to a new level as the boundary-defying American woman rocking the Japanese independent music scene.