Osaka Entertainment Tour

Enjoy a short trip to the Aqua Metropolis, Osaka

Kamigata Mai

Traditional Japanese Dance

English Rakugo

Comic Storytelling in English

Naniwa Blues

The Original Blues of Japan

Aqua Metropolis

The country's kitchen

Osaka's Entertainment Culture

・Do you know the origins of Japanese entertainment culture ?
・How are the rivers of Osaka related to the development of that culture?
・What’s the main difference between the cultures of Osaka & Tokyo?
・What is unique about Blues music in Osaka?
・Why is this information important for non-Japanese musicians interested in the Japanese market?

Our online tour provides an up-close look into some of Osaka’s traditional and modern entertainment, along with a brief history of the city. For musicians interested in Japan, this information can help to create an effective plan for doing performances and gaining fans in the greater Osaka/Kansai area.
As a 30 min. Zoom session, this tour lets you experience the unique flavor of Osaka with traditional Japanese comic storytelling, in English, and traditional Japanese dance. Also, included is the history of Japanese blues music along with a brief Q&A session, followed by a brief but refreshing riverboat cruise on one of Osaka’s many rivers.

If you would like to join this tour, please send an inquiry to the mail address below:
info (at)